Today, many members have taken advantage of our loan pricing program!

How Does Loan Pricing Work?

With our loan pricing Program***, each member's loan rate(s) directly reflect that member's overall credit history. The better your credit, the better your rate! So, if you have worked hard to maintain an excellent credit history, you'll really enjoy the savings that the Loan Pricing Program can offer.

In addition to this, members who have had trouble with their credit, we are now able to do more to help with your loan needs. Previosly, if you had difficulties with your credit, in many cases we wouod not be able to lend to you. With Loan Pricing, we are able to look for added opportunities to help you secure your loan so we are able to approve it.
***Not included in this program
The following loans are not included in our Loan Pricing Program: Overdraft Loans, Secured Personal loans and 30% Secured Loans.